Luke Carthy
Live in Athens

Luke Carthy

eCommerce Consultant

Luke is a well-seasoned eCommerce consultant and international speaker delivering double/triple-digit growth for eCommerce brands. Luke parks himself right in the centre of CRO, growth and SEO disciplines.

Having worked with brands spanning both D2C and B2B verticals including CAT, Renault and Mayflex, Luke knows a thing or two when it comes to getting C-suite buy-in and delivering smart, scalable eCommerce growth.

Presentation Title
"How to customise GA4 to grow ecommerce sales and conversion"

GA4 can be a bit of a whirlwind but once customised, it can be incredibly instrumental in surfacing friction areas and opportunities to grow sales and maximise conversions.
In this session, Luke will showcase some real-world wins & great examples you can implement right away, whereas he will also share some practical insights along the way.