Joy Talbot
Live in Athens

Joy Talbot

Principal Economist, Magic Works

Joy has over 8 years’ experience in using analytics to help brands make more effective business decisions. Having worked in a media agency and now at Magic Works, Joy has delivered econometric projects for some of the UKs largest household brands including Yorkshire Tea, UKTV, Little Moons, NOW, Sky, Tesco, DFS and IKEA. Joy specialises in taking complex business problems and making the solutions understandable for stakeholders at all levels. As a Physics graduate, she loves that her role combines working with lots of different people and using maths to solve real world problems every day.

Presentation Title:
"When to invest in Brand Marketing (not just Performance!)"

In this session, Joy will be investigating the tipping point between brand & performance marketing spend. Join her to find out when you should switch on both brand & performance activity (backed up by case studies from well-known brands), how you can communicate this point to your leadership team and how you can then prove that it is all working.