All Things Performance Marketing Conference

Presentations 2020

Strategies, Tools & Insights to get smarter with your Data-Driven Marketing

“The 7 Sins of Marketing – Bridging the Gap Between Old & New”

Ferdinand Goetzen, Director of Marketing & Growth, 3D Hubs
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“If Data is the new oil – Behaviour Data is rocket fuel”

John Ekman, Founder, Conversionista
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“Understanding Consumers in the Digital Age”

Phill Agnew, Director of Product Marketing, Brandwatch
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“Fast Feedback and Sustainable Demand: is proving interaction enough to leverage sales?”

Mauro Fusco, Head of Analytics TRIBES – Kantar Insights
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“Google Analytics is Broken by Default; learn how to fix it”

Arnout Hellemans, Search and Analytics Consultant, OnlineMarkethink
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“Turning your Collected Data into a Creative Drama”

Ravid Kuperberg, Partner, Mindscapes
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“Data Driven Marketing Objectives: How to Define, Track, and Achieve Your Marketing Goals”

Jeff Sauer, Founder,
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