AllThingsPerformance ’17

Presentations 2017

“SEO Hacks To Quickly Increase Qualified Leads”

Britney Muller, SEO & Content Architect, Moz

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“How to Increase Conversions through Discovery”

Aviva Schick, Sales Director, Taboola

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“Hack Engagement, Retention, and Revenue using Marketing Automations”

Daniel Meck, Head of the Solutions Department, Moosend

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“The 8 seconds challenge”

Γιώργος Μοιρώτσος, CEO & co-Founder, ContactPigeon

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“Why are you still waiting for your customers at the door?”

Κώστας Καμπάκης, Performance Marketing Director, ForestView

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“If online marketers made cars, would you buy one? Flipping the conversion paradigm”

Ivan Imhoff, f. Managing Director, House of Kaizen

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“The R Word”

Ignacio Gallegos, Head of Growth, TrendWatching

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“How I Growth Hacked 50 Million Views”

Josh Fechter, co-Founder, BAMF Media

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“Χτίζοντας μια growth πλατφόρμα. Oλα όσα πρέπει να ξέρουμε”

Θεόδωρος Μουλός, CEO, GrowthRocks

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