AllThingsPerformance ’16


“Data in Action: 3 Practical ways to use data to your advantage”

Costas Mantziaris, Managing Director, iProspect Greece

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“How to improve marketing performance by delivering consistent experiences, FAST”

Mary Machaira, Senior Brand Manager, Public (Retail World SA)

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“Location Targeting: Designing a cross-channel geo-targeted strategy in Digital”

Eirini Panzari, Director of Strategy & Marketing, Greek Yellow Pages (

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“From Electronic to Omnichannel Commerce with Data-Driven Customer-Centered Innovations”

Prof. Georgios I. Doukides, Director, E-Business Research Center (Laboratory) (ELTRUN), Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

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“Tomorrow is today”

Niel Bornman, Global Chief Product Officer, iProspect

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“Using Content to drive Conversions”

Marc Thomas, Director of Media, Europe, Taboola

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“Performance, the way we see it”

George Anagnostopoulos, CEO, Perry Forman

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“Affiliate Marketing for the Travel Sector in 2016”

Sean Mahon, Affiliate Team Leader, Equator

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“Remarketing for Affiliate”

Elsa Chantzi, Affiliate Manager, ForestView

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