Hannah Thorpe
Live in Athens

Hannah Thorpe

Managing Director, Verkeer

Hannah is Managing Director at London based digital marketing agency Verkeer.

She has over eight years of search experience having devised and managed a range of successful online campaigns for such large brands as Twinings, Le Creuset, And So To Bed, M&G and Elsevier.

Specialising in combining technical SEO tactics with clever content marketing delivery and paid media strategy, Hannah is responsible for leading complex technical strategies through to creating innovative content campaigns that are underpinned by detailed search and audience data to drive positive ROI for her clients.

Presentation Title:
"The New World Of Customer Journeys: Navigating the Changing Market with Digital Marketing "

Join Hannah Thorpe in a dynamic and insightful exploration of the evolving landscape of customer journeys. In a time where global economic challenges are reshaping consumer behaviours, Hannah delves into the intricate journey to conversion that now involves more touchpoints than ever before. With her expertise in SEO and digital marketing, she'll guide you through a revolutionary rulebook tailored for these changing times.

Hannah’s talk is a must-attend for anyone looking to stay ahead in the digital marketing arena without breaking the bank. She'll reveal cutting-edge tactics for segmenting brand and non-brand strategies, ensuring you invest your resources wisely. Discover the power of campaigns focused solely on new customer acquisition and the art of dissecting multi-channel journeys to optimize every interaction.

But that’s not all – the talk will also showcase how to synergize paid channels with an organic top-of-funnel approach, creating a balanced and effective strategy. The session promises to be a treasure trove of practical insights and actionable advice, perfect for marketers aiming to make a significant impact.